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Ugly Birds Cleans Environment- Facts About Turkey Vultures

Turkey vultures, or turkey buzzards, are known to be in North America, southern Canada and South America. These animals are also to be known as being scavengers that feeds on dead and decaying carcasses. Here are some more facts about turkey vultures.

1. Vultures are able to eat carcasses that have rotted so much that they can be toxic to other animals. This helps prevent the spread of diseases from the carcasses.

2. They can find a dead animal a mile away due to the sense of smell and sight.

3. Vultures have bare heads and necks so no infection, bacteria or parasites can effect the birds while feeding on carcasses.

4. If a carcasses is too stiff, the vultures will wait until a predator tears it open then the birds will feed on it.

5. Vultures will eat on extremely sick and wounded prey if food is scarce for them to find.

6. When these birds are threatened, they vomit to lighten their weight so that they can escape more easily.

7. Vultures do not take food back to their young due to their legs and feet are weak. They feed their young by regurgitating.

8. They urinate on their own legs and feet to cool off on hot days. The urine helps kill bacteria or parasites they have picked up from being around the carcasses.

9. Vultures are being threatened to the endangered list due to poison the carcasses have picked up, vehicles hitting them, and electrocution from power lines.

10. Scientists are studying vultures' senses and abilities to help find bodies from crimes since they are able to locate dead carcasses a mile away.

Even though vultures are ugly looking birds, they do have a major impact on the environment by keeping it clean for everyone.

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