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One mouse, two mice, three mice..

It's getting cold outside. Winter is almost upon us; therefore, pests will look for a warm secure place to reside. This location will give them security and a plentiful food source so that they can stay for a long length of time. Unfortunately, these pests don't ask permission to reside within the home.

Each and every building has seen or will see a mouse no matter how new the building is. Mice can fit through the littlest of holes. Adolescent mice can fit through the size of a pen where an adult can fit through the size of a dime. They can enter a home or building if there's a hole in the foundation, a hole within the outside building material like vinyl, and/or they can enter through an open garage door. Elite Wildlife Removal will conduct a very thorough inspection to determine the entry areas and can seal those areas which is allowing these little pests to enter.

There are many reasons why these little nuisance pests will reside with you within your home. Mice have many types of predators in which they need to flee from. An example is the snake; however, a snake will follow a mouse into your home as well. If a mouse can get through a hole, a snake can do the same. Another reason why these pests enter your home is that mice don't like the cold, so they will look for a place that is warm and cozy.

There never would be just one mouse in your home. Female mice are pregnant for less than a month and reproduce all throughout the year. Each pregnancy can produce up to 20 pups. They are known to be the fastest breeding animals in the world and can turn your home into a serious infestation problem.

Mice will cause damage within your home and the longer the infestation goes, the more costly and potential permanent damage could take place. These little pests build their nests and feed themselves by chewing on anything they consider will be useful. The damage could be from clothes, paper, wood and even wires. They are also known to chew up drywall and insulation throughout your home. Anywhere a mouse goes there is the potential of them leaving their urine and feces in that area. Here are some more potentially damaged items within your home:

~ electrical appliance ruined by chewed wiring ~ chewed food boxes or any stored food in the kitchen pantry ~ furniture with holes ~ antiques, family heirlooms, important documents stored within the attic space

Mice not only cause physical damage but they can also carry diseases as well. Here is a list of what mice can carry.

~ Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) which is a severe respiratory disease that can be fatal where there is no known vaccine or treatment. It has 2 stages: 1. flu-like systems: fever, chills and vomiting 2. shortness of breath, fluid in the lungs, reduced heart efficiency

~ Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis is disease which is considered a virus. Some people may have symptoms of a fever, muscle aches, headaches and/or nausea. Others may not have any symptoms at all. There's a serious concern with pregnant women because it could cause birth defects such as poor vision and/or mental.

~ Salmonellosis is a bacteria infection which can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea and/or abdominal cramps. Humans are infected by eating food that is contaminated with mice feces.

~ Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS) is a cluster of related diseases cause by the hantavirus. The symptoms can range from headaches, chills and/or body pains. Symptoms such as low blood pressure, acute shock and/or kidney failure can result from a length of time the individual was infected.

~ Rat-Bite Fever is an infectious bacterial disease that can cause fever, rashes, joint muscle pain and/or headaches that is transmitted through bites or ingesting contaminated food. More severe cases include swollen lymph nodes and bite woulds that can develop into ulcers. ~ Plague not only affects humans but pets as well. The bacteria may be contracted through direct contact with mice.

Elite Wildlife Removal can ease your mind knowing that your family and home will be safe from nuisance pests. Give us a call at 804-867-7184. We will conduct a very thorough inspection to determine the animal's activity and provide the entry locations. We will remove the pests, seal up the entry locations and work with you on the remediation process by cleaning up their mess.

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