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Is Your Home Guarded Against Nuisance Pests?

That is a great question! Did you know that even brand new built homes have some kind of nuisance pest living within it? There are different locations that pests can use to gain access into your home without your permission. The key is to pro-active and seal up any areas that are of concern.

The most common areas are:

Attic / Roof Vent

These areas are mostly used by raccoon, squirrels, bats, and/or birds. Many homeowners fail to guard these locations because they think an animal can’t gain access because they are so high up from the ground. Nuisance pests will use any object to push their way inside.

Dryer Vent

Birds use these vents to build their nest to not be disturbed. They are laying their eggs and waiting on the arrival of their young. Vents give them easy access in and out to protect their young and provide a local food source. The birds nest is flammable which has been known to start a house fire.