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A Mess is What Nuisance Pests Leave Behind

If you have seen a wildlife pest in or around your home, the first thought you should have is who is it that you contact to properly and professionally get rid of it. A professional wildlife removal company should conduct a thorough inspection on your home. Elite Wildlife Removal will be more than happy to help. We will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the level of activity, locate the entry areas around your home, and provide a plan to clean up their mess. Why is cleaning up their mess so important? That is a good question.

The damage done to your biggest investment can be significant. However, different wildlife pests can cause different types damage.

Squirrels and Raccoons

Squirrels and raccoons gain access into your attic by gnawing into your roof material, vinyl siding, wooden beams, or soffit of your home. Once they reach their destination, they'll get to work gnawing on wires, ripping through installation to build their nest, and scrounge around looking for food. Not to mention their urine and feces they leave as well. The wires they gnaw on can short out and spark which could cause a fire. Installation is no longer good because while the squirrels were building their nest and leaving their urine and fecal behind. A guest you invite over would be able to smell the scent from the contaminated installation which is very strong and unpleasant, also other squirrels will be able to smell the scent and invite themselves over as well. Not only do squirrels leave a bad scent; however, they could carry Lyme positive ticks into your home as well as other diseases which could be harmful to you, your family, and including your pets.


Mice will cause damage within your home and the longer the infestation goes, the more costly and potential permanent damage could take place. These little pests build their nests and feed themselves by chewing on anything they consider will be useful. The damage could be from clothes, paper, wood and even wires. This can lead to potentially starting a house fire. They are also known to chew up drywall and insulation throughout your home. Anywhere a mouse goes there is the potential of them leaving their urine and feces. Mice not only cause physical damage but they can also carry diseases as well.


Bats find shelter in the attics of homes. They don't ask for permission before moving in and they don't mind making a mess while they are there. They can enter the home by the smallest opening to the attic, 3/8 of an inch. The urine and feces (guano) of the bat can be a big mess to clean up. Bat guano produces a lot of ammonia gas, which is poisonous, and can make you sick if you inhale it for an extended length of time. The more guano that continues to collect from the bats, the more gas is produced.


Birds will build their nests right in the corner of your gutters which can clog them up

so water can’t drain correctly away from your home. The damage can cause the gutters to be detached from your home due to the weight or even make them collapse. Structural damage will start and if not caught will start to rot your home over time. Without the use of the draining system, standing water coming from the gutters can cause foundation damage. Also the droppings from birds are very acidic which can eat away at certain roof materials to cause them to leak.

Birds can build their nests in your chimney or even the vents on the home. The most popular is the dryer vent. The heat from the dryer keeps their laid eggs warm; however, the nests are very flammable which can cause a house fire. Chimneys that have bird's nest built inside them can cause carbon monoxide inside your home and without the proper ventilation systems could be life threatening.


Foxes create dens to protect themselves from predators and raise their young. These dens can be found on your property. These pests carry diseases and parasites like dog mange and rabies plus they have been known to kill small children. Children love to play outside exploring nearby woods and trees never knowing a fox's den is close, so the animal goes into protection mode. Unfortunately, the child gets bitten which could end in death.

Groundhogs and Moles

Groundhogs like to make tunnels (burrows) underneath the surface to live in. They use the burrows for sleeping, taking care of their young, and hibernating so it’s not uncommon they have different chambers to reside in. The burrows usually have two to five entrances giving groundhogs means to escape when faced with a predator. The tunnels can be up to 46ft long and 5ft down from the earth’s surface. The holes on the burrows is 10-12 in with a mound of dirt in front. Often, they are near a tree base, foundation of a building or a fence. However, the secondary entry will not have the dirt mound in front.

Groundhogs are also known to dig under other structures like a fence, shed, a deck, or even the foundation of a home. There could be times that the burrows collapse and if that burrow is under the foundation of a home, then the foundation can crack.

If you have seen evidence of any wildlife nuisance pest, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with your regarding any of your nuisance pest needs.

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