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Befriend A Bat

Can you see me? I can see you. I am now residing in your attic, but I'm not the only one. It's dark to keep us bats safe and there's a wonderful supply of food nearby. So why should we leave? This is the life. I would just need to inform you, when we use the restroom all over your attic, our feces is toxic. Plus, we can carry the rabies virus so if you have any pets or animals, we will get aggressive and bite them. We don't mean to, but the virus has us irritable. The only way you will notice that we are in your attic is if you ever come up here, which you haven't since we came, and if you see us consistently flying around your roof. Please, I beg you not to call Elite Wildlife Removal because I was in your neighbor's house and they evicted us. They sealed up the areas of how we were getting in and even cleaned up our mess. If you call them, then we will have to move again which is a pain. I know their number is 804-867-7184 or 301-848-5048 and their outstanding staff will work with you regarding any of your wildlife needs; however, they are completely mean to us. I can already tell, us bats and you are going to be such great friends.

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