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Baby Animals – Not So Cute

When it comes to baby animals, I get all warm and giddy because of all the overabundance of cuteness. They are so furry, soft to the touch, and so small. Even though baby animals look adorable, they can grow into a nuisance.

May is the time for the weather to get warmer to start out the summer fun. This is also the time baby animals start coming out of their nests start their journey into the world. Right now is the time frame where you will see an abundance of raccoon, squirrel, possum, bat, bird, and groundhog activity. Unfortunately that journey can include your home.

How many times do you visit your attic? I can honestly say that I go into mine at least twice a year: to get the Christmas tree down and to put it back. However, at that time, I'm guilty to say that I don't look around the attic to see if there has been any wildlife activity until it’s too late by hearing noises coming from my attic.

Raccoons are a one of the nuisance animals that can invade the attic space. They move in around the winter time for shelter from the cold and give birth to several babies in the spring time if there is a food and water source nearby. First, they look for any weak spots around the roof line of the home. Raccoons only need a small opening. Once they locate it around your roof, they use their human like hands and razor sharp teeth to make the hole bigger so they can enter. The most common entry areas are the soffit, fascia board, gable and/or the attic vent. You may ask: "How can we get rid of these pests?". That's an excellent question.

Do NOT attempt to remove these animals yourself nor clean up any of their mess. Trapping raccoons should be left to a professional. Raccoon's feces can carry diseases and parasites which causes the biggest problems to humans.

Instead give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184 or 301-848-5048 to ease your mind knowing we will get your attic pest free and take preventative measures so this problem will not happen again. We will be more than happy to come out and conduct a thorough inspection. We will talk with you after the inspection to let you know what all was found, the entry areas of how they got into the attic space and go over the remediation process to clean up their mess.


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