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The Noise In My Attic Is Going Squirrelly

You’re trying to sleep but you can’t because you hear constant noises coming above your head in the attic. You get up to check out what’s going on, but after you climb the attic stairs and turn on your flashlight, you see little glowing eyes staring your way. While you’re screaming and crying back down the stairs, you think what can it be.

Squirrels are one of the unwanted nuisance pests that can take up residence within your home. You may be wondering, how these wildlife animals got inside? That’s actually a very good question and one I’m going to explain.

There are areas in your home that animals can gain entry into your home.

The Roof

Since they have such sharp razor like teeth, they can chew into parts of the soffit, gutter, and even some roofing materials easily. If there is any spot that is deteriorating, squirrels use these spots as an even quicker access into your home. Squirrels can also get through certain gable vent that are constructed from aluminum, plastic or wood because parts of the vents provide edges they can chew through.

The Chimney

Squirrels use chimneys as a point of entry. The bricks on the chimney allow these nuisance pests to go up and down which provides them a nesting spot on top of the fireplace. There are times that squirrels can fall and get stuck at the bottom of the chimney where they can die and start to smell.

The Yard

Bird feeders invites squirrels. They bird seed is a wonderful food source for them. As long as they have a consistent food source, then they are going to find a home nearby. Most of the time that home is your home. Any type of tree that produces nuts or acorns should be raked up consistently. This is another great food source that they can rely on. Tree branches that are close to your home are also a technique on how squirrels can use to enter. They can leap right off the branch onto your roof and start chewing away to gain access.

It’s extremely important to address the problem right away. One problem is that squirrels can damage your home by chewing up the materials used to support your home. They can chew into the vents, soffits, siding and roofing materials which can not only give them access into your home, but can cause leaks into the home as well. Another problems is that the wires inside your home can be chewed into which can cause a house fire. The squirrels can leave their urine and feces throughout the insulation which can transfer diseases to a family member or pet. Not only can diseases be spread but the odor can be detected throughout the home.

Squirrels may be cute to watch while they're outside; however, residing in your home is very different matter. Elite Wildlife Removal has solutions when you need help with unwanted nuisance pests. We are professionally trained to not only humanly trap and remove the animal(s) and seal the entry area, but taking your home back to how it was before the nuisance pest entered. We will be more than happy to conduct a thorough inspection and work with you throughout the whole process to ease your mind in knowing your home is completely pest free. Give us a call at 804-867-7184 or 301-848-5048.


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